Message to Publishers of Narnia Books

You are asked to help make this List of Narnia Translations as accurate and interesting as possible. By doing so, you will make your books better known to a world audience who otherwise might not be aware of their existence. You can help by providing the following:
A. Bibliographic Information: (See sample entries for examples)
1. The title of the book in your language—as well as in English (and its transliteration in Roman letters, if the script of your language does not use Roman letters).
2. The name(s) of the Translator(s)
3. The names of the Illustrator(s)—often the cover and interior illustrations may be by different artists.
4. The correct name of the Publisher—(in some cases there are different ones for different editions), followed by the city where you are (English Spelling, please). If you know of other publishers of Narnia books in your language, please let us know.
5. The year(s) of the different editions of each of the seven books. A complete publication history is often difficult to bring together. Even if you are not currently publishing Narnia books, your part in their publication history of your language should be fully represented , and people, especially book collectors, will want this information.
6. The ISBN number, if one was given when a certain printing of a book was published. Often when books are issued in changed editions, they are given new ISBN numbers. It cannot be over stressed that dates of publications and ISBN numbers found on the Internet, listed by booksellers and others, are all too often found later to be incorrect.
7. Other information, such as hardbound or hard cover, with or without a dust jacket, paperback, and any other distinctive or unusual features of the book, such as having a sleeve or case, or being a deluxe edition.
B. A copy of each separate book, for each separate edition, if more than one. They will be used for important further verifying of bibliographic information (see 6. above), and then to be available for displays, which will be additional publicity for you.
C. Check with this website to see if digital scans of the cover of each book of each edition are needed. These scans will be used on the website as a colorful and informative illustrations of the specific books listed. The scans should not be tiny thumbnails, but approximately about 1/4 of the original size of the cover, with as much digital clarity as possible.
D. Check the listings which may be sent you for their accuracy in each detail. Without your involvement in this, errors may appear for the listings of your published books.
E. Keep Narnia Translations informed of planned future editions or new translations, so the list is kept up to date on an ongoing basis.
By working together, we will each better reach our goals.

Thank you for help and participation.

Glen H. GoodKnight, Inkling Focus Webmaster

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