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Visitors' Comments
December 5, 2005
What a fantastic website! Thanks for all the hard work and especially enjoyed the artwork. I recall reading sometime back that the 'Lion' had been translated into Hawaiian but could not confirm; have you heard of this? It would be interesting to see a translation in an American Indian language like Cherokee. Thanks again for a great site. --- Scott Baxter
July 13, 2005
Your site is very helpful. I wish I had been able to consult all the translations of VDT to see whether the follow the American or the British ennding of Chapter 12, "The Dark Island." — Paul Ford
June 29, 2005
I have browsed the Narnia website. From the website I could learn much more about the Narnia series. You must have done a lot of hard work. It is well done! God Bless! — Yvonne Mak
June 23, 2005
Fascinating work! — Wixenstyx (Jennifer Boeyink)
June 23, 2005
Came over from SpareOom to drink in your website. It is as refreshing as the clear waters of the Withywindle and sparkling like the dawn on Malechandra. Narnia forever! On to the Utter East! — Ray Schneider
June 23, 2005
What a fun place to browse! Good to see this information nicely gathered for reference. And to see your valuable presence in the Inklings world again. I'll be back. — Edie Dougherty
June 23, 2005
WOW! Top hole, boyos! — Bonnie Callahan
June 22, 2005
Very good work . We live in Narni Town in Italy that in latin are named NARNIA,this book are very important for Us ,and we like to be in touch with you for dissemination of the best value of Lewis's Narnia books. — Giuseppe Narnians
June 17, 2005
How wonderful to find a site owned by someone who loves Narnia as much as I. (I found your link on the Friends of Narnia yahoo list). That, and NarniaMuck are my two sources of friends who love Narnia. — Nicole Hicks
June 15, 2005
What a wonderful site! I can not wait to see it when it is done! It would be nice to see a Tolkien site in this same format. I am new to Narnia but I can sure appreciate the scope of work and collecting this represents. THANKS!!! — Tony Yetter
June 11, 2005
What a wonderful website! I had been thinking of compiling one myself, but now there is no need.... — Barbara Baran

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